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We focus on providing excellent gate repair near Springtown, Poolville, Willow Park, and Weatherford TX.  Our team consists of highly trained professionals who specialize in residential gate replacement and repair. Whether you need gate repair to upgrade your security or fix damaged pieces, we are more than qualified to handle the job! Our goal is to ensure each gate we repair is left durable and long-lasting. When you are in need of gate or gate opener repair near Springtown TX, you can always depend on Iconic Exteriors to be there for you! Our gate services include:

  • Swing Gate Repair 
  • Automatic Gate Repair 
  • Driveway Gate Repair 
  • Sliding Gate Repair 
  • Electric Gate Repair  
  • Gate Opener Repair 
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Gate Repair Near Me 

With our many years of experience, we are confident in our ability to perform your gate replacement or repair quickly. We are always equipped with the necessary tools needed to restore your current gate. We understand the importance of having a well-functioning gate, so your home can be secure and safe, which is why we work efficiently to deliver dependable gate repair near Springtown TX. If you have a malfunctioning gate and need gate service near Springtown TX, Iconic Exteriors is your best choice! 

Signs You Need Gate Service Near Springtown TX 

  • Your gate is sagging.
  • Gate was damaged during a storm or accident.
  • Your gate won’t open or close.
  • There are grinding or squeaking noises when your gate is opening or closing. 
  • Your electrical gate moves slowly or slower than usual. 
  • Your gate slams open or closed.

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Gate Opener Repair 

Have you noticed your gate opening or closing slower than usual? This could be a sign you need gate opener repair. There are many reasons your gate opener may be malfunctioning, such as damaged or broken chains or the power supply. No matter what the issue is, Iconic Exteriors can handle your gate opener repair in no time. When your gate has delayed movements or is opening in the wrong direction, you can trust us to complete your gate opener repair with speedy turnaround times and excellent workmanship!

Why Is My Gate Opening Slower?

If you notice your electrical gate is opening or closing slower than normal, then it is a sign your gate opener needs to be repaired. Your gate opener could be having electrical or mechanical problems, causing your gate to open and close slower than usual. If you notice your gate is opening slowly, then schedule a gate opener repair with us!

Contact Us for Gate Replacement or Repair! 

Put your gate service in the right hands with Iconic Exteriors! We work hard to ensure your gate replacement or repair goes smoothly and quickly. Whether you need electric or automatic gate repair, you can depend on us to get the job done right the first time! Contact us today for gate service in Springtown TX and the surrounding areas!

If your gate is damaged during a storm, we recommend calling a gate professional to do a full inspection of the damage. During your inspection, the professional should be able to tell you which parts of your garage door gate need repairs or need to be replaced. It is also important to not use your gate until a professional can inspect your gate to avoid any potential danger. 

The signs that you need a gate opener repair are:

  • Your gate opener is making squeaking, grinding, or rattling noises. 
  • Your gate opens and closes on its own. 
  • Your remote is not working.
  • Your gate opens halfway and suddenly stops. 
  • Your gate does not close all the way. 
  • Your gate won’t open. 
  • Your gate opens slower than usual.

A gate that is scrapping the ground does not mean it needs to be replaced. It could mean that some of the hinges, bolts, or screws need to be replaced or tightened. If you notice your gate is starting to scrape the ground when you open or close it, call your local gate repair company to come and do a full gate tune-up. 

Gate maintenance is an important part of maintaining a healthy gate. We recommend performing gate maintenance at least twice a year to ensure your gate is working at its best. The best time to perform gate maintenance is before or after winter and summer. This is when your gate will experience the most weather changes and is likely to need a few things repaired, replaced, or tuned up.