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In times when you experience issues with your electric gate opener, it’s important to have a trustworthy gate opener repair company near Springtown and Weatherford TX! We understand that you need a gate opener that functions reliably and safely. Gate openers will determine the functionality of your electric gate. Whether you own a business or a home with a gate system, we know that you depend on it for protection. 

If your gate opener malfunctions, it may leave you with a stuck gate, or one that moves extremely slowly. Fortunately, our team at Iconic Exteriors is equipped and ready to handle the most difficult of gate opener issues. With years of experience studying the intricacies of gate repair, we’re prepared to take on your gate service near Springtown, TX.

Gate Opener Repair Services

Oftentimes, gate opener roller chains deteriorate due to wear and tear. They need to be replaced with stainless steel chains, which will help the opener perform better. We keep our trucks stocked with quality equipment and tools at all times, which ensures we’re always ready to take on your gate opener repair. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, we’re the team to call! We’ll quickly diagnose the issue and get started on your emergency gate opener repair.

Signs You Need Gate Opener Repair

  • Gate moves slowly.
  • Gate won’t move at all.
  • Gate makes squeaking or grinding noises when in operation.
  • There are delayed movements. 
  • Gate moves in the wrong direction.
  • Gate locks are jamming.
  • Gate moves and reverses.
  • Gate won’t open or close all the way.
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Gate Opener Maintenance

We highly recommend that you schedule annual gate opener maintenance. In the heat of Springtown TX, your gate opener hardware may experience damage and wear and tear. With maintenance, you can help keep the gate opener in great condition and even preserve its lifespan. We’ll thoroughly examine both your gate and gate opener for any signs of damage. This is a wonderful way to get ahead of gate opener repair, which could save you a lot of time and money. During a gate opener maintenance check, we’ll also lubricate and clean gate opener hardware. 

Gate Opener Installation

Our garage door technicians also specialize in gate opener installation. We can help you find the best system for your home or business. Newer electric gate openers are sure to increase your curb appeal and upgrade the protection of your home. Newer security features allow you to monitor your gate system with video recording and motion detection lighting. We can recommend our favorite automatic gate openers and discuss the benefits of the different types. Once you’ve chosen a gate opener, we’ll install it and walk you through the steps of operation. You’ll be all set to start using your new electric gate opener! If you follow through with routine maintenance and keep an eye out for abnormalities, your gate opener should last for years to come. 

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Offering Gate Opener Repair Near You

Iconic Exteriors proudly offers gate opener repair, installation, and maintenance near Springtown, TX! Our team focuses on exceptional customer service with every project we take on, no matter the scope. If you’re interested in learning more about our gate opener repair services, contact us today

The expected lifespan for gate openers is about 10 years. This depends on the brand you’ve invested in, if you schedule maintenance calls, and how often your gate system is in use.

Yes, there are! If you have a commercial gate that needs a heavy duty opener, there are products that exist. These gate openers are designed to take on more weight to support the gate’s operation.

If there’s ever an accident involving the gate system, we recommend scheduling a service call. We can examine your gate and opener for any signs of damage and ensure they’re both functioning properly before you use them again.